I get a lot of referrals of persons with Asperger’s diagnoses.  Current estimates indicate a prevalence of Asperger’s of about 2.5 per 10,000 compared to 60 per 10,000 for all Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Asperger’s is an easy diagnosis to make in childhood but not so easy in Adulthood because many early behaviours have ceased.  Introverts who…Read more »

Chronic Pain

I have a clinical interest in pain so it happens that I see a lot of people with chronic pain syndromes – mainly with low back pain. I am part of a team which consists in my town of psysiotherapists, family doctors,  a pain management specialist (who is an anaesthesthetist), and a physician who runs…Read more »

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue patients tend to get referred around to allergists, immunologists, endocrinologists and psychiatrists. Psychiatry referrals come about because of the possibility that an underlying depression is contributing to the fatigue problem. The causes of chronic fatigue are numerous and include: post viral illness  notably Glandular Fever; Ross River Fever; and Q Fever; Epstein-Barr Virus;…Read more »

Bipolar Disorder

The old name was a bit more catchy…Manic Depressive Illness. It describes a group of  lifelong disorders characterised by episodic disturbances in mood, cognition, and behaviour.  Usually at  least one of these episodes involves an elevation of mood lasting three or more days where there is grand ideas, decreased sleep, talkativeness, racing thoughts, risk taking…Read more »


There are a number of possible causes of underachievement in life. Most people gravitate to a self-diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder, however. The possible causes are: Learning Disorders Chronic Depression Attention Deficit Disorder Personality Disorder These disorders are  fairly common each having a prevalence of between 2-5% of general population. Their effects vary in emphasis:…Read more »

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD occurs with about 2% prevalence in the general population. 30% of cases start in childhood or adolescence. OCD is divided by symptoms types; Checking compulsions and recurrent reassurance seeking Ordering and Counting Rituals Contaminations Fears with washing and cleaning rituals Repugnant obsessions concerning sex, violence  or religion Hoarding Heredity accounts for about 27-47% of…Read more »