Personality Disorder

I don’t really like the term “personality disorder” as it suggests an enduring condition whereas the evidence is many personality dysfunctions soften or resolve fully over several years. A personality dysfunction describes a failure during childhood years to develop in one    or both of these areas                                                                                                                                                – good emotional control                                                                                                                                                      – use interpersonal relationships in a non- purely self interested…Read more »

Memory Failure

I often see people worried that they are dementing because their memory isn’t what they feel it should be. Quite a lot of these patients test out fine on objective tests of attention and memory. They are having a bit of “memory perfectionism” . There is so much more information out there today -there is…Read more »


Whenever I write one of these posts I sneak off to  review the existing the literature. Boy was I disappointed with the psychiatric literature on grief – there is zilch! Perhaps because psychiatry is pretty medication orientated these days . The other thought I had is this. In the rural city I work in the…Read more »

Eating Disorder

I am a bit rusty on this topic.  As a country doc I hadn’t had any eating disorder patients for four years then two have just been referred over recent weeks from the city eating disorder clinic for follow-up. Also am not sure on what info will be informative because I know that eating disorder…Read more »


Orthomolecular Psychiatry was a taboo subject in mainstream psychiatry for a long time though now papers are starting to come out in the mainstream literature about certain complementary ingredients. So orthomolecular psychiatry involves use of vitamins and minerals in pharmacological doses. It also addresses diet and lifestyle.  And its a complement rather than a substitute…Read more »